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Message Stamp

Round Stamp


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Pre-Inked - Message Stamps

Commercial and Industrial Stamps
Make a good impression with a custom message stamp! Choose style and size to get your message across. Command attention in several ink colors. Incorporate your own art or logos. Design it yourself or ask us for assistance. Ideal for stamping company name, check endorsements, product literature, signature, return address, routing memos, incoming mail, coupons. Protective dust cover included. Good for 1000's of impressions. NO MESS! NO STAMP PAD NEEDED! IMPRINT AREA IS ALSO THE INK PAD! Place a few drops of Maxlight re-inking ink directly on the imprint area - re-inks the entire stamp!

Round Stamps
Let your imagination be the only limit. Ideal for approvals, inspection, copy, notary public, and certified real estate appraiser stamps. Always ready to use, the message area is also the stamp pad. Inks: red, black, blue.
Sizes: 5/8" diameter, 7/16" diameter, 2" diameter, 1 5/8" diameter, 1 3/16" diameter.

Pencil Cap Stamps
Always hand at the end of your pencil. Used by auditors, checkers, librarians

Pocket Stamps
This handy pre-inked pocket stamp is a small rectangle plastic container with a detachable dust cover that can be easily carried in pocket or purse. Compact and always handy for use. Inks: red, black, blue.
Size: 11/16" x 2 5/16"

Signature Stamps

Rubber, Self-inking, Pre-inked
We duplicate your signature exactly as you write it. These stamps are used by physicians, busy executives, field personnel, anyone who must sign their name again and again. REMEMBER, the signature will be reproduced exactly as you write it. Keep it in proportion to the area you would normally sign on any document. Submit signature written in black in on plain (unlined) white paper. Photocopies or faxed signatures may not give a very good copy. We prefer to use original signature artwork. Faxed artwork will only be used with your permission but the quality of the rubber die cannot be guaranteed.

Unique Stamps & Products

Unique marking problems are resolved with the variety of marking devices and inks we carry. Call us to discuss the ink best suited to meet your needs, plastic, metal rubber, cardboard, clothing, etc. We have the instrument that is best suited to do the job.

Pocket Stamps
Brand: Maxlight
Folds up easily, Complete with ink pad, Carried in pocket or purse, Great for military personnel, Name, Rank, and Serial number!

Gripline Stamps
Reusable alphabet and numbers, Create your own stamps over and over again!

Laundry Marking
Compact Kit with stamp, brush, ink, and pad, Works great on all clothes, dries nearly instantly and permanently, CLOTH ONLY - not for use on any other surface or skin

Lottery / Roller
Your custom message rolling stamp is placed inside a plastic, triangle-shaped handle that holds a replaceable ink cartridge. It fits compactly in the palm of your hand. This rolling message repeats and repeats and repeats anything you wish to say.
Self-inking - black, red, blue, Replaceable re-inking cartridges

Dural cast aluminum, Two sizes (No. 0 - 1/2" diameter, No. 1 3/4" diameter), stamp pad inside cap


For use by notaries, public officials, architects, draftsmen, clergy, engineers, surveyors, hospitals, corporations, real estate appraisers, lawyers, weighmasters. We can provide out of state seals. Artwork may be included on your seal, please ask for a custom quote for this additional service. Long reach desk seals are available as a special order. We also carry corporate minute books.

Pocket seal weighs only 11 ounces and is 4 1/2 " long. Dies 1 5/8" and 2" in diameter are available depending on the type of seal ordered. 2" dies for: Professional Engineer, Architect, Surveyor, Licensed Real Estate or Certified Real Estate Appraiser. ! 5/8" dies for Corporate Seals, Notary Seals, Licensed Public Weighmaster.

Stationary Embosser

Customizes plain paper by embossing documents, books, napkins, invitations. Excellent gift idea. The die is rectangle in shape to use with a maximum of three lines of custom copy. Available with 1 or 2 plates for envelope and letterhead.