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Millennium Daters

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Type Styles and Size

We offer san-serif (without any "flags"), serif (with "flags"), and script fonts (not recommended any smaller that 14 points. Use only in upper and lower case).


Type Sizes
8 point = 1/16"
10 point = less than 1/8 inch
12 point = 1/8 inch
18 point = 3/16 inch
24 point = 1/4 inch
36 point = 3/8 inch
48 point = 1/2 inch
96 point = 1 inch

Rubber – Message Stamps

Stamps can be made from any design, whether written, drawn or printed. Choose type style and size. Give us a sample and we will match type and size as close as possible.

Rubber – Daters and Bands

Daters are long-lasting office tools. When the year band ends, the dater doesn't need to be replaced... only the band!

  • Designed for demanding jobs
  • Most popular model to use with stamp pad
  • Combines your copy with changeable date

Brand: Millennium
Impression area:
No. 1 - 1 5/16" x 1 5/8"
No. 2 - 1 1/2" x 2"

Brand: Cooke Rotary Dater
Circle design, Custom copy, Changeable rotary date, Replaceable months, days, and years available in sets, Replacement years sold individually

Revenue Cancellor
Brand: Millennium
Impression area:
No. 0 - 1" x 5/16" copy space, 1/16" height of date letters
No. 1 - 1" x 5/16" copy space, 1/8" height of date letters
Single custom die, Simple, Inexpensive

Local Dater
Brand: Millennium
Impression area:
No. 1 1/2 - Maximum line is 1 3/8"
Most versatile, Coy (die) can ONLY be placed before date, Up to 6 bands can replace date for additional charge

Line Dater
Brand: Superior
Impression area:
Month, Day, and Year Only
Letter sizes available 1/8" to 3/4"
No custom copy
Wide range of Sizes, Popular, Economical Price, Fast and Easy Operation

Numberers and Alphabetic devices fill an important role in inventory identification. Stock can be numbered and coded directly to the carton or to individual items.

Brand: Just Rite
Unlimited number of impressions, Variety of print sizes and number of bands, Height of letters 1/8" to 5/8", Use with a stamp pad

Brand: Just Rite
Self-Inking - black, red, blue, Call for custom quote and design

Brand: Just Rite
3 to 16 bands - Height of letters 1/16" up to 3/16", 38 characters per band, Combine both letters and figures A-Z and 0-9, For use with stamp pad

Cost & Selling Price Stamps
Brand: Just Rite
Marks cost in letter code and selling price in figure code, Each band contains 27 characters, letter bands have full alphabet with either period or a dash, Height of letters 1/16" up to 5/16", For use with stamp pad.